Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Nowadays, yoga isn't only for women or an individual with a flexible body, The Peterson Group views this as a practice for everyone. Commercial yoga classes are not similar to yoga therapies despite the fact that they share some aspects such as the poses and breathing techniques. Yoga classes provide a way for transforming oneself from an ordinary human being into a perfectly balanced individual.

Balancing the body requires doing some particular physical postures. Breathing practices help you increase your body's ability to bring in and utilize oxygen thus improving your energy levels. Your mind can concentrate and focus more when your body is more balanced and have the required energy. With this, you can also become less distracted by aches and pains. If you don't let go all of the distractions, it would be impossible for you to meditate.

Yoga therapy sessions can help a person with his or her individual issues, including physical, energetic, or emotional concerns as well as a combination of those. Yoga classes can accommodate people who can attend the class. Easier classes are given to beginners while strenuous classes are for more experienced practitioners. And the most challenging classes are given to highly adept yogis. The Peterson Group encourages each of us to take these kinds of classes to help relieve certain kinds of chronic pain.

One of the main advantages of a class, especially a community-based class is its affordable price. However, the con could be the lack of assistance of an instructor in case of an injury. Because of the number of participants during a class, an instructor may not be able to assist or guide you properly due to the fact that he or she still needs to take care of other students who are not experiencing any pain. However, there are some well-trained instructors that can cope with this kind of situation.

A yoga therapist can initiate a yoga class for certain concerns such as a knee pain or highblood pressure to make sure that everyone in the class shares the same condition. With this, everyone can learn something helpful about their condition and how to work with it in a safe way.

If you're not comfortable doing yoga with a group of people, a private yoga therapy session is perfect for you and it usually begins with a discussion with your therapist regarding your injury. He or she may ask you how did you become injured and how it is affecting your daily life.

Further questions may include how painful the injury is, and what treatments have you tried before. You don't need in-depth knowledge or experience about commercial yoga since the therapist can design a home program for you that can help you find healing even if your condition is chronic through gentle and gradual guidance to self-knowledge that must be practiced mindfully.

Finding the sense of healing can help you find peace in every moment, acceptance of your condition, and appreciation for the chance to grow as a spiritual being in a physical body. As one of the advocates of alternative medicines, The Peterson Group wishes for your unending happiness, good health, clear mind and peaceful soul.

The Peterson Group and Homeopathy: Understanding Its Essential Approach

Although it was discovered and introduced by a German doctor only within the last two centuries, homeopathy has attracted many practitioners and believers. Still, not many know what it really is and what benefits it offers to people with medical problems. Let us look at some of its essential characteristics and the specific advantages it offers to people in general.

Homeopathy is defined as “a complete system of medicine which aims to promote general health, by reinforcing the body's own natural healing capacity” and is “a branch of medical science concerned with symptoms of diseases”. Specifically, it “means that a substance that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy person”. Furthermore, “homeopathy aims to aid and stimulate the body's own defense and immune processes”.

We can see at least two primary factors involved in the process of this form of healing or medical practice: immunity and symptoms. We all know that the body has natural healing capacity; that is, the design of any organism includes the innate ability not simply to grow and even reproduce its own kind but also the power to maintain an optimum level of healthy existence to a certain limit determined by cellular processes. Aging and other sources of morbidity contribute to this aging and eventual dying process for every organism. Unfortunately for us humans, there is also a limit to our physical existence. But anyone can live a full and healthy life to a ripe old age with the help of homeopathy.

Symptoms occur when the body experiences instability or stresses that disrupt the optimum level of its functionality. Certain substances that the body requires must remain at certain levels to maintain such a stable condition. The equilibrium sought by every living organism, however, is determined by the environment as well as the organism’s ability to procure and sustain its need for nutrients and other necessary basic requirements, such as sufficient oxygen, sunlight, water and rest.

Take away one of these essential needs, for instance, oxygen, and the organism will die. Reduce the organism’s quota for sleep or remove its protection from continued stress and it will suffer mental and physiological disorders. For humans, especially, emotional stress can bring about the onslaught of many physiological symptoms that aggravate the body’s ability to resist diseases.

Homeopathy, therefore, considers every factor and how the individual reacts to the environment and all the stimuli that may bring about an imbalance in the body’s various functions. Ever patient then is a unique subject to be observed and analyzed to determine the causes of the symptoms in order to apply the specific medication or relief that is required to address and eliminate the symptom’s causes and bring back the body’s health. And once the body recovers its natural level of function, its own immunity system will maintain its stability as long as the body receives proper care.

The natural cycle of living does not incorporate sickness as a natural consequence, although it may often occur.   That is why, homeopathy, “does not have treatments for diseases but it has remedies for people with diseases”. Rightly so, because diseases are a sort of accidents that nature allows but something that nature itself has equipped every organism to cope with through a cellular-level mechanism not clearly understood by other medical practitioners. Conventional medicine treats symptoms as they are and not as signals of deeper causes rooted in the body’s internal processes.

Understanding symptoms, then, is key to the unlocking of the individual body’s response to the causes of the disease. Since the ideal condition of the immunity system of the body may be considered the same for almost all organisms, in general, the body’s resistance or lack of resistance to certain particular causes will also produce similar, if not the same, symptoms in any individual. This is the fundamental principle in homeopathy that has allowed its practitioners to apply it to alleviate various diseases and, thereby, aid numerous patients in the past as well as in the present.

What other advantages does homeopathy have over conventional medicine? Homeopathy utilizes the senses to investigate symptoms of a disease. Listening carefully to the patient is the first step toward discovering what is happening in the patient’s body. Next is observing the patient and noting down the symptoms. The whole purpose I this exercise is to maintain the patient’s individuality and not look at him or her as just another cancer patient who needs a blast of radiation for a growing tumor, for instance. The tumor is in itself a symptom that was brought about by the person’s particular habits, attitude and environment. Removing the tumor will not always remove those causes that brought it along. It makes more sense than to remove the causes in order to remove the symptom. But removing the symptom alone will not necessarily remove the causes.

This homeopathy review illustrates how homeopathy works and shows the simplicity in which the process is done. Of course, the major part is knowing what medication is needed for particular symptoms. It takes years for homeopaths to learn what works for what. However, its practitioners assure us that homeopathy works to “restore health rapidly, gently, permanently; to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way, according to clearly comprehensive principles".

The Peterson Group in Jakarta and Malaysia has promoted homeopathy as one of the practices under CAM (Complimentary, Alternative & Integrative Medicine) and has helped to promote holistic healing among so many people throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

The Awkward Case of Viagra Counterfeiting

In recent years, the number of counterfeit drugs has increased from the most unsuspecting in-demand and common medicines to the most expensive drugs in the market which can be sold for a lower price in black markets. In the most recent reviews, however, latest acquisition in the illegal market includes complimentary, alternative and integrative medicines. The lack of regularization among these medicines is one of the factors which made them an attractive product goal among fraudsters.

Viagra and Cialis are some of the few alternative medicines which now have their own version of counterfeited drugs. It makes sense as buying these medicines can be a little awkward.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often have difficulty admitting it even to their doctors; hence, buying medicines through online pharmacies is a very likely option for total discretion and assurance.

“On the internet, they don’t have to consult their doctor face to face. They don’t have to spill out their real identity and they can avoid embarrassing situation”, says Dr. Arnold Furber, member doctor of The Peterson Group, one of the leading sources of Complementary, Alternative and Integrative medicine. “It also costs much less: $1 per tablet compared to $15 for the real deal”.

However, buying prescription drugs online exposes the buyer to potentially serious health risks. These drugs are often manufactured in garages with poor sanitation. They can be dosed less, even devoid of the active ingredient. Worse, they can contain a different substance that can cause undesirable side effects.

In 2008, 4 different cases of men from Jakarta, Indonesia were hospitalized for severe hypoglycemia caused by sudden drop in blood sugar. It was found out that they were prescribed with Viagra from a similar online site which contains glyburide, a medicine used to treat diabetes. Complications occurred as they have no diabetes to treat. When traced, the site was already down and the culprits remain unknown. The complaints against the said site remained moot and academic.

Homeopathic medicines which are sold in pharmacies and those which are capsulated are also targeted by counterfeiting. Currently, homeopathic and CAM experts are strictly supervising the use and regulation of their own medicines as there is still a lack of policies concerning the counterfeiting of such.

Awareness is one of the greatest advocacies of most CAM campaign while pharmaceutical companies focus on enhancing their own system and technology to ensure the legitimacy of medicines.

Homeopathy’s Perfect Solution for Bladder Problems

Bladder issues or urinary tract infection (UTI) is common problem among today’s generation. Those diagnosed of the infection includes people of different ages, cultures and nationalities. The lack of proper understanding on its causes and symptoms is still a subject of debate until today. Nonetheless, common complaints include discomfort, burning urine, pain in the lower abdomen and needing to urinate more frequently than the usual.

While doctors often prescribe antibiotics, many experts suggest trying homeopathic treatment.

UTI is known to react well with homeopathy as it “focus on assisting the body to fight the infection and enabling it to get on top of future problems”, Dr. Sarra Powell, DHM, told the Peterson Group.

“When a patient is taking antibiotics alone, there is a very high possibility that the infection would recur. If it happens, the patient will have to depend on antibiotics for a long time, which can also develop into other complications”, says Powell.

Homeopathy treats the problem by knowing each symptom and treating them differently. In a book entitled “Complications and Homeopathy”, three people were observed in Jakarta, Indonesia who has shown symptoms of UTI.

For the recurring pain felt after sex or during strenuous activities, staphysagria is highly advisable. “Honeymoon cystitis”, as recurrent bladder issue is called, often happens to women. This can also happen when under a heavy emotional stress caused by suppressed anger and resentment.

Cantharis, on the other hand, can assist infections characterized by intense pain on the passing of urine. Blood may also be included in worst cases along with the impression that the bladder is not fully emptied.

In the same review, it is found that bladder pain which comes intensely and suddenly can be cured by Pulsatilla. The person may crave open air and moving about, and feel worse indoors. Generally, they dislike fatty or rich foods. They can also be emotionally distressed and are most sensitive even on little things.

While recommending the best Homeopathic medicine, the quantity of urine, its color, any associated offensiveness and time of aggravation are noted down. Along with this, the absence or presence of pain or burning sensation while passing urine or afterwards is also considered. The constitutional physical and mental symptoms are also taken note of. It is after the complete evaluation of the symptoms that the most suitable Homeopathic remedy is administered to the patient to get rid of frequent urination.

Homeopathy: Success of Dilution or Delusion

Many skeptics have questioned the legitimacy of homeopathy since the war between its practice and allopathic treatment has started. Critics have cited placebo effect for every success story it gains while triumphing on the complaints thrown at it. While it expands to include other oriental practices and increases its followers from the royal family of England to the rich and the famous Hollywood celebrities, its anti-believers painstakingly call it fraud and publish it on different media forms. The latest lash came from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales when he opened a public chat in Quora making sure that everyone gets the point that he sees homeopathy as “mere scam and quackery” after rejecting the pleas to change the description of homeopathy in its Wikipedia page.  It seems to be a dim year for homeopathic practitioners as they see everyone as their enemy. They even accuse the Peterson Group, a non-profit organization website claiming neutral and objective opinions on all Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medical practice after it published reviews on the decision of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to rewrite the regulations implemented on the processes of homeopathy in the United States.

Indeed, it is a very controversial year for homeopathy. Public support is sliding while its legislative connections seem to be thinning.  Moreover, a lot of its loyal supporters now think that its theoretical foundation is now logically inconsistent and self-contradictory to the point of absurdity. Despite the news only emphasizing doubts from its American followers, it seems that other countries which adapt western practice and beliefs now have uncertainties of its effectiveness. The government of Jakarta, Indonesia is even currently reviewing their own regulation on the practice. If he is still alive today, what would Samuel Hahnemann still think of the practice?

Critics argue that Hahnemann is aware that his dilutions are mere product of his imagination and ambition to be world renowned. For instance, dilutions were extreme.  “Active preparations” were made by repeated tenfold dilutions of the original extract.  Hahnemann was not bothered by the fact that at these dilutions none of the original substance remained; he claimed that the power of the curative solution did not come from the presence of an active ingredient, but from the fact that the original substance had in some way imprinted itself on the solution.

Until now, the arguments still do not rest but many believe that homeopathy is already on the losing side.


Ethics of Homeopathy

Health treatments are treated with extreme caution while taking note of all the warnings and avoiding all the dangers. However, there are more than isolated cases where treatments are being abused and neglected. Because of this, certain standards are being set and regulated.

While conventional medicine has health ministries and private organizations to control their by-laws which the public are mostly familiar with, another system of health treatment is struggling to make their own known.

Different entities have accused homeopathy as unethical and is a disgrace as no scientific evidence is yet to exist to prove its efficacy. Moreover, more and more people are seeking this kind of treatment, deterring others to seek evidence-based treatments and receive the “proper” diagnosis and prescription they need. Conventional medicine believes that failure to comply set rules and procedures in determining the real problem can potentially harm people’s lives.

Homeopaths, however, assured the Peterson Group that they still stand firm on their own discipline and has introduced their own code of ethics which has been a cause of conflict and numerous complaints from practitioners of conventional medicine.

Homeopathy’s Code of Ethics has been drawn by the Council of the Homeopathic Medical Association in accordance with Objects of the Association. The main purpose of this code is to provide a high ethical and professional standard of conduct among its members to “….follow in order to preserve and enhance the practice of homeopathy as a healing art, and to protect the general public”. The full responsibility of ensuring the welfare of the public falls entirely to the homeopathic practitioner. Penalties and punishments are also conducted.

According to the review, general guideline includes, “Failure by a Member to adhere to the Code will result in disciplinary action. If the unsatisfactory conduct is continued, or if there is gross negligence or misconduct, the name of the practitioner will be removed from the register and the appropriate authorities will be informed of such action. All privileges of membership will be withdrawn”.

Despite this, there is no stopping the criticisms.

Skeptics argue that it is ethically dubious to spend funds on something which has been proven fraud time and again. The government of Jakarta, for instance has let homeopathic clinics around the city with the same tax deductions with semi-public conventional hospitals. Studies for the efficacy of homeopathic remedies are being conducted in Indonesia. The results have been null and are obviously waste of the citizens’ money.

Curing Speech Deficiency through Homeopathy

Although infants are communicating long before they begin to talk, parents eagerly await their children’s first word which usually happens around the child’s first birthday. However, for some parents, that milestone would pass longer until they would realize that it may not be possible. Relatives and other family members may console the parents and assure them that the child is simply a “late-bloomer” or that “boys talk later than girls.” In some cases though, there may be an underlying factor or root issue that delays the child’s capacity to talk.

Around this time, it is a natural reaction for parents to seek immediate assistance or speech therapist. The Peterson Group, with its group of medical experts on alternative, complementary and integrative medicines, advises the use of homeopathic treatment.

The list for the possible reasons of speech delay is long. It may be caused by long--autism spectrum disorder or another developmental disability; auditory sensitivities; auditory processing difficulties; deafness; a history of repeated ear infections; a short frenulum (membrane attaching the tongue to the floor of mouth) that literally means tongue-ties or apraxia of speech.

According to a medical review, “Praxis” is the ability of the brain to conceive, organize, and, ultimately, carry out a sequence of motor movements. A child with apraxia of speech has difficulty sequencing the motor movements needed for volitional speech.

A young boy in Jakarta, Indonesia was already 6 years old when he learned his first word. The parents claim that homeopathy has helped their child on the speech delay hurdle. Similar accounts are being told in other parts of the world.

Sam (not his real name), a teacher in Oklahoma, stated that he also had some trouble speaking when he was young. He explained how hard it was for children like him to understand what is being said and how frustrating it is to not be able to answer it. He has a lot of complaints against the bullies in his school but can’t vent it out.

His parents were able to resolve his ailment when he frequently took prescribed clonidine (Catapres®) and guanfacine (Tenex®), or anti-psychotics such as haloperidol (Haldol®) to help develop his speech.

Children with verbal apraxia may have difficulty imitating sounds, answering questions, or producing words on demand. They may have trouble getting the words out in the desired order or may be inconsistent with pronunciation.


Is it Possible to Overdose on Homeopathy?

Since homeopathy is still under heat because of the present issue presided by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on the review of their regulations followed by the criticisms and alleged fraud practice claims of Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales and the revision of homeopathic rules by England, a single outbreak of news against the 200-year old medical treatment can easily be sensationalized and put into headlines.

The probability of homeopathic overdose is once again brought to light in the most recent discussion of homeopathy and its practice. Is it possible to overdose on homeopathy?

In 2004, the Belgian skeptical organization SKEPP made headlines when thirty skeptics at Ghent University performed a "mass suicide stunt" with an overdose of homeopathically diluted snake poison, belladonna and arsenic, in an attempt to publicly show that homeopathy does not work. This was followed by similar campaigns across the globe in the preceding years: one amidst the protest in UK on January 30, 2010 and at the Berkeley SkeptiCal conference in 2012. Now that we are in the midst of heated issues, cynics would want to witness once again the real score in possibility of homeopathic overdose or if it really is a fraud.

Homeopath members of The Peterson Group, one of the leading sources of information on alternative, complementary and integrative medicines, argues that if the critics have proven that nothing happens to those that committed the “mass suicide stunt”, doesn’t it mean that homeopathic treatments are as safe as it claim to be? If so, the warning which FDA and WHO has given to the public remains biased and without basis. If those who tested it among themselves are still alive and kicking, what then of the people who were declared dead because of homeopathic medicine intake?

A general physician called Dr. Soy residing in Jakarta, Indonesia concluded that perhaps those with real ailments who took homeopathy as treatment were not able to avail of the real medicine with active ingredients. This act has prevented them to seek appropriate medical aid and thus had them pass away without being properly treated.

It is worse since many supporters now believe that homeopathy can cure even cancer. With their hopes high, they reject chemotherapy and other cancer treatments developed under scientifically based experimentations.

According to critics, homeopathy does not work beyond placebo; it is a menace to public health and a drain on the limited resource of the government. It is an 18th century quack medicine consisting of magical rituals practiced by deluded, cargo-cult "doctors" that has no place in government thinking, and it should not be endorsed by the registered pharmacists who are at the frontline of public health.

Anti-Bacterial Resistance and Homeopathy’s Potential are present in any infection. Anti-bacterial treatment is immediately prescribed to any wounds and injuries. However, with the constant change in the environment, bacteria have grown resistant to treatments and medicines.

In this worsening crisis, experts have immediately conducted peer review and study on the repressing demand of anti-bacterial treatment to regain the overall credibility of medicine.

While the right medicine is being concocted, World Health Organization (WHO) leaves warning to different government agencies for public awareness and safety.  International organizations have also been informed. Non-profit health advocates have been asked to focus their topics to educating the public of the possible dangers of anti-bacterial resistance.

The Peterson Group, one of the leading sources of information on alternative, complementary and integrative medicines is one of the thousand NGOs to answer to this call. An immediate meeting among members was conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia for the possible solutions that can be of assistance to any study being done to solve this medical issue.

Homeopathic treatments are brought to light. As the most likely candidate as an alternative, homeopathy has treated infections which even anti-microbial treatments fail to cure. It has also been long known that anti-bacterial treatments are of no us for viral infection in the light ear, throat and sinus infection. Homeopathy is long being used to treat these infections.

Irish Society of Homeopath claims that “out of 500 patients suffering from upper respiratory complaints, 82 % receiving homeopathy improved within 14 days, compared to 67 % treated conventionally. In another study with 169 children, those receiving homeopathic treatment had significantly less symptoms and shorter duration of disease compared to other children. Their parents also had less time away from work”.

The criticality of the anti-bacterial resistance is even emphasized on the recent report released by WHO showing 25,000 deaths in the European Union, Norway and Iceland annually from common resistant bacterial infections. It is also said that “The estimated total cost to society of antibiotic resistance in the EU alone is estimated to be € 1.5 billion”.

For some critics though, using homeopathy as alternative for anti-bacterial medicine is close to finding desperate measures just to solve the present issue. With the recent FDA review of the regulations implemented in homeopathic practice, many cynics believe it is not even safe to come close to homeopathy, much more to use it as alternative.

Homeopathy All Over the World 2016

It has been a busy year for homeopathy, a branch of medicine considered to be included in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine. This treatment, which has been gathering a lot of followers for the more than 2 centuries of service, had been founded by a German physicist, Samuel Hahnemann, and is believed to be more effective than the conventional medicine.

To recap, last April 20-21, 2015, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has opted to review basic regulations of homeopathy under influence the American Medical Association. Early next year, homeopathic treatments will have to undergo strict testing and experimentation to guarantee inexistence of fraud ingredients.

After an immediate caucus and the jury have decided, homeopathy practice was then bombarded with complaints and allegations. Negative reviews and researches include the question of dilution of its treatment, deception accounts by former users and unsigned petition against the harshness of words written by Wikipedia to open conflict against Wikipedia owner, Jimmy Wales to war of homeopathic websites The Peterson Group and Homeopathic Life, were the highlight of this year’s homeopathic activities, not to mention the loss of patrons.

However, these events seem to only have happened in the United States. Critics have mentioned that those who claim the death of homeopathy are only looking at one small part of the picture. If death occurs in homeopathy in the United States, it can still survive with the remaining 75% of partisans from other parts of the world.


This is the continent from where it all began. Europe was the first to adapt the first of the homeopathic treatments. However, in the next years, there were changes in this adaptation

a. Germany

Germany is the only member state of the European Union in which homeopathic remedies based on minerals or plants, and produced only in very low quantities, do not need to be registered. In other member states only remedies individually prepared in a pharmacy are exempt

b. United Kingdom

UK has homeopathy since 1820. The royal family has also expressed great support for the practice and has their own homeopathic doctor

c. France

Homeopathy is the most famous form of treatment in France.


Alongside other medical treatment, homeopathy is also adapted

1. Indonesia

Homeopathy clinics stand side by side hospitals and conventional healthcare in Jakarta and have some scattered branches in other major islands

2. Japan

A medical homeopathy association, the Japanese Society for Homeopathy, was created in the middle of the 90’s and currently includes 70 doctors.